Rhetorical situation and repurposing an argument: what does it look like

for you?

It’s weird, coming back to this prompt after the fact—and shortly before the

deadline of the repurposing project itself—is weirdly therapeutic, and in its own

way helpful. So thus, instead of purposelessly presenting my repurposing project

after the fact, I’ll instead reexamine a rhetorical mapping of my sample material to

help me bring this race into its final leg.

As I’ve finally finished the lyrics, which came to me almost simply once I started

writing from personal experience, the most difficult part now is matching the format

of the Rap Genius sample template from which I’m working.

In our style discussion in class, my new blog group pointed out that most of the

comments I’ve sketched out for my lyrics are almost in essay format, whereas in Rap

Genius they take a much more casual, almost satirical (or at the very least, dryly

humorous) tone. This makes sense, because although it’s easy for me to break down

to the reader what I meant in writing each bar, this requires me to take a step back

and explain it to the reader as though I were another reader: interpret the lyrics on

my own accord, having not, you know, written them.

Another, less abstract difficulty is that, since the Genius interface is actually

exceedingly complex (this is counterintuitive, as the users give the impression of

little complexity), I’ve had to mock up my own Genius format. It’s starting to come

together and look quite professional in its own Word Document, but adding the

comments is going to be the hard part; one that I’m not looking forward to. Even if I

am able to find an aesthetic way to insert comments into my mock-up (and that is a

big “if”), it’s unlikely I’ll be able to augment them with photos or gifs as the sample

site does, to such a hilarious effect.

All that being said, I’ve made huge strides on this project from where I started, and

am slated to be quite proud of the final product, marginally necessary Drake gifs


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