Shameless plug

So yeah, turns out that my previous blog post was not the last one.


The last blog post for my introduction to the minor in writing class involves me talking about my electronic portfolio, an online database of sorts that holds all of my writing from this class and more.

So, basically a shameless plug of sorts.

Honestly though I’ve really liked the eportfolio I have created, especially the design. My main goal for this portfolio was to make it aesthetically pleasing to the viewer as possible, a feat I think I successfully accomplished. However, I didn’t want to make the art too distracting, to detract from the written material explaining my projects and whatnot. So, I decided to utilize a minimalist style of artwork, where the images are not too colorful or zany yet still hold a powerful presence on the page. I would say that this is what I am most happy about regarding my eportfolio.

As for what I still want to work on, there is not much I want to or have a desire to revise per say. While what I wrote in the eportfolio¬†could always be edited, there is not much else I would want to work on regarding my creation. The process of creating this eportfolio was one full of highs and lows. The biggest challenge I would say was finding the images I wanted to use for each section of the eportfolio. Ideally, the image would be white so I don’t have to edit the text much (editing the text background made the design pretty unappealing) but at the same time appealing for the viewer. This specific requirement made it hard to find images that I would personally want to utilize in my eportfolio, especially since I have a distinct and unique taste.

I believe I successfully achieved my¬†purpose in presenting myself as a writer with this eportfolio. As a writer, I wanted to have the viewer truly understand what I, the writer, am like. This includes my serious and somber moments, my sense of humor, and what I enjoy. I believe that this eportfolio was able to successfully encapsulate all of this and more. I don’t have anything else to say other than I hope you enjoy looking through this final project of my writing 220 class!


Robert Molnar

Just someone who enjoys Netflix, music, and tennis. I also write a little.

One thought to “Shameless plug”

  1. Robert —

    I love the images you used for your eportfolio. For some reason I thought there was going to be an elk theme based on the first two pictures, but I’m glad you mixed it up! Despite the intensity of the pictures, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I think that your use of a simple format helped balance out the different effects. So good job!
    I really liked how you included little snippets of intro with each photo, drawing the reader in.
    Your reflective writing was very powerful, and I thought the letter/conversational tone worked super well. I commend you for sharing such personal topics with the class, doing so is never easy. That being said, I think your work benefitted from being so open and willing to explore those difficult, more personal topics.

    It’s been wonderful getting to know you! Have a good break!

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