So. Much. Formatting.

Remediation: I finally found someone who is willing to help me with Photoshop! Because I’m preoccupied with quality, I hope this assistance will help me have more confidence in my work.

These Photoshop endeavors have truly been a challenge, but I’m glad this class has pushed me to grapple with new software. Although its arguable that every class at U-M can give you skills you can put on your resume, this is the first time the takeaway has been concrete and objective.

I’m shocked by the amount of time I spend formatting EVERYTHING on the website I am creating. So much of the content is shaped by the design and vice versa. I’ve been struggling with the more subjective parts of my project, where I get to be choosy. It is hard for me to feel like I’m making the right choices at all times. I’m also an inherently indecisive person, so that doesn’t help. 

I didn’t expect that I’d put so much thought into controlling and shaping the way my readers navigate my site and encounter information. Design used to seem enjoyable, but now it feels tedious and almost stressful. There’s almost too much control. Overall I’d say I’m focused on making sure everything is as effective as it can possibly be. Making sure there isn’t too much of this or too little of that, or that links are obvious and that the information they contain is relevant enough and worth my viewer’s time. Etc. I’m also focused on making sure I’m doing enough work, not only for this project to be considered legitimate, but also in terms of achieving my purpose.

me when I found a generous soul to help me with photoshop
me when I found a generous soul to help me with photoshop

Why I Write: I knew going into this class that this assignment would be one of the hardest assignments I would complete in college. I could write 100 Why I Write papers, and all would be valid, yet different descriptions of how and why I write.

I knew I wanted to tell stories and use some figurative language, or at least some informal language. But I struggled not telling ALL the stories. I also wanted this paper to be a maximum 3 pages, and that was a struggle.

I wish I could write two papers: why I write, in relation to the work I’m doing in this class, and then another one that is more emotional, and abstract, and filled with sentence fragments. It’s hard to balance the personal and academic (or maybe I should say requirements). But I still got to do some figurative work, and I’m grateful for that. I also think it reminded me of why I write, which was inspirational. Drafting certain parts of this piece didn’t feel like school. It felt like pastime. I love when that happens, and I’m grateful for that too.

I feel like I’ll never be happy with this piece because it could go in SO many directions. I would have to write every possible draft, then choose the one I think is most fitting at this point in my life, to be happy with the work I do for this assignment.

Kennedy Clark

Kennedy is a Sociology major with an ineptness for exposition and an excessive love for Michigan basketball and pretzels.

2 thoughts to “So. Much. Formatting.”

  1. Dear Kennedy,
    I completely relate to what you said about the Why I Write paper. I think there are so many different ways to answer that question, and there are countless directions I could have taken it in. I think it is particularly difficult to answer that question in a structured way that is tightly woven around a guiding point or argument. And it some ways, there is no real answer to that question. We write because we do.

    In terms of the website, I am incredibly thankful that WIX is so easy to use. Imagine how many more choices we would have to make without the aid of templates!

  2. I relate so much to what you said about formatting. That has definitely been the most stressful part of this course for me. It seems to have replaced the dread I feel when doing citations and works cited pages in other academic papers. I know formatting is worth it in the end but I wish it could be easier and less time consuming. I can also see where you’re coming from when you talk about the Why I Write project. I think the ambiguity and almost infinite directions makes this a beautiful project but extremely frustrating at the same time. It’s difficult to limit your response to something that could include so much. And then you have to almost decide what is most important about why you write, but that can be an impossible choice. It’s definitely difficult but I like how it is making us reflect and consider why we do what we all clearly like to do.

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