Ta-Ta For Now!

I procrastinated writing this blog post because I couldn’t bear to admit that this semester is coming to an end. While I won’t deny my excitement about the napping, Netflix binge-watching, and sugar cookie overload that will soon unfold as I return home for the holidays, I am sad to say goodbye to the gateway course. But have no fear—we’ll be back for the capstone course in no time!

I don’t know what I’ll miss more about this course: our free-spirited classroom dynamic or the fact that Shelley’s emails would instantly brighten my day. Through Writing 220, I saw unparalleled personal, professional, written and multi-modal growth in myself and in my peers. What started as a class of twenty-odd strangers quickly became a close-knit cohort of students, all of whom are uniquely passionate and equally driven. I can’t pin-point exactly what it was about this course that made it so magical, but there was definitely magic in that classroom air.

I am very proud of my ePortfolio. What I’m most proud, however, is that it is nowhere near what I had envisioned it to be in the beginning of the semester. I feel that this is a testament to my strength as a writer; I was open-minded to revision, to cutting something loose and starting from scratch, to feedback and constructive criticism, and to risk-taking. Yes, this semester presented many twists and turns with regard to my writing, but in the end, my ePortfolio wasn’t what I had hoped it would be…it was BETTER! For that, I owe a huge thanks to Shelley and my Writing 220 team for cheering me on every step of the way 🙂



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