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This week I have been thinking a lot about the ePortfolio. What I thought would be one of the easier projects of this semester has turned out to be quite challenging. I want my ePortfolio to be professional, and I websites tend to look most professional when they are clean and have as little text as possible. Yet I also want to be able to adequately explain everything I have put on there – particularly the repurposing and remediation projects. I think these pages will definitely have to be more text heavy than the other pages. Determining which extracurricular writing samples I will include has also been a challenge. I think the goal of an ePortfolio is to showcase our best work, and thus I want to really make sure that I have vetted everything properly. My ePortfolio is pretty image heavy – which was an interesting choice for me since I am by no means a photographer. However, I am personally drawn to sites with a lot of images, and I found a way to incorporate some images into my site in a meaningful way. For example, I have an image that correlates to each academic writing – like an image of the Supreme Court that can be clicked on to view a paper analyzing two Supreme Court cases. I’m still not sure what the main image on my home page will be – but I would like it to represent who I am in some way.

As for my remediation project, I feel as though I am close to the finish line. The bones of my piece are there, I just have to add a few more transitions and clean up some of the audio and visual aspects. This project was particularly challenging for me because I had never worked with iMovie before, but I think I’ve finally started to get the hang of it. Overall, I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and I think this project will turn out well.

Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

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  1. I thought that the ePortfolio would be the easiest project, too. I thought I could just drag in a few images and upload a few files and then I would be done, but it is not like that at all. I like your idea of images corresponding to the content of each piece you put up. I think that’s a great way to engage visitors and gives them even more of a sense of what they are about to read. And I’m glad your remediation project has been going well! I have so much respect for you that you chose to do a movie, I can’t wait to see it!

  2. I was thinking about how challenging the e-portfolio is. Like no one could’ve convinced me it’d be difficult earlier in the year. It does present its own set of challenges, for me particular being concise and clear, knowing that I like white expanses on web sites.I like the idea of using images related to the topic for your other writing pieces. That’s such a good idea. I’also struggling to include something other than just text tat makes the site more visually appealing.

    I’m glad you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished! I feel like that’s what I want from college in a nutshell.

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