Well, after about 4 months of answering unanswerable prompts on this blog, I’ve finally got a prompt that I don’t even have to think about. In fact, all I have to think about now is how to drag this post out for longer than a couple sentences, because immediately upon reading the prompt I knew my answer. My advice to other Writing 220 students? Take risks.

I mean, it really is that simple, I don’t know what else you want from me. When you the repurposing project is assigned to you, your mind will immediately jump to that one high risk/high reward project that you’ve been considering for the past who knows how long. It will do this immediately, and although it will eventually start jumping to safe options, don’t lose track of that one, because at least in my experience, the riskier option has always been the more rewarding.

That’s how it worked for me, at least. I essentially conceived my lyrical-adaptation-of-a-rap-related-essay concept the second the project was announced, before deliberating for the next month about whether or not to actually go for it, or to take an easier, less risky, less potent for embarrassment route. I obviously eventually decided to go with my initial instinct, and in my opinion it paid off: even if my final product isn’t perfect (which it’s not) and still has a high potential for embarrassment (which it does), the experience of following through on an undertaking about which I had so many second thoughts was rewarding enough in and of itself to overcome any risks associated with it.

So it really is that simple, and I’m about to turn in my shortest blog post to date simply to emphasize that fact: succeeding in this course just means taking the biggest risks. Do me, your eventual teacher, your classmates, and yourself a favor – don’t squander the 220 opportunities by turning in something safe. Take advantage of one of the safest, most encouraging environments at the University of Michigan and use the Gateway course to make something worth remembering.

2 thoughts to “THIS IS MY WEEK 12 BLOG POST”

  1. Hi Chad,
    I think it’s funny that you talk about dragging out the post because your piece of advice is really simple, but you do a good job of explaining exactly what you mean by taking risks and tying it into your personal experience doing so in the minor. It’s funny that you had such an easy time coming up with this out-of-the-box idea for your remediation, and then you found yourself convincing yourself (have I said self enough?) that this was too risky. I think for a lot of people, they might need more pushing and stretching to even think about any potential risks, and then once they’ve thought about them they can convince themselves it’s okay to do so. I guess you’re lucky in that your mind seemed to have been pretty ready and wanting to try something new!

  2. Wow, that last sentence, dude. Powerful. I absolutely agree, down to basically every word. I’m super excited to see how your projects turned out. Perhaps if you’re going to the showcase, our blog fam could do a mini whole remember-how-I-talked-about-that?-well-I-actually-end-up-doing-this-instead…thing. That’d be super exciting since we’ve been working together since the birth of our ideas. Seeing them grown into maturity would be wow, just wow.

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