10 Magazines Every Writer Should Read

In Shelley’s capstone class, we read an article called 10 Magazines Every Writer Should Read.  I went through the site for each magazine and found many of them interesting.  However, I don’t think every writer needs to read each of these magazines because not every one of them would be relevant or interesting to everyone.  For example, I am not a very crafty person so I have very little interest in Make magazine.  Here are three magazines that I find the most interesting/intriguing:

1) Mental Floss:  These articles are short and to the point- which is why I enjoy them so much.  They are all filled with random information, which sparks my creativity and gives me some wacky conversation starters.  I wouldn’t say many of these articles are the most intelligent or extremely well-written; however, they are a great break after a day filled with classes and work.  Also, some of their technology-related posts are very informative without going into too much detail.  You learn just enough to think it is cool, and then you can either move on to the next article or do further research of your own.  My favorite article I found while scrolling through was about tablets for old people that have uber pre-installed.  Why?  Because old people are lonely and don’t drive often.  Super random, kind of funny, but super practical- I’ll definitely be sending that article to my grandma soon.

2) Entrepreneur:  The design of the website is very plain (but still appealing) and easy to navigate.  The titles of the articles jump out at you, so you can’t help but read every single one.  They are also very relevant, for example, 50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You to do Anything (for anyone suffering from senioritis like I am).  I also like that there are a mix of articles with lists and articles that are longer in length.  No matter what article you decide to read, you will learn something that is relevant to you and your career.

3) The New Yorker: Although they have many interesting articles regarding current events and politics, I usually only read their Sciency & Technology articles.  I aspire to be able to write such entertaining articles.  They create narratives about topics ranging from cockroaches, to planets, to real-time tracking the NFL.  Although the articles tend to be longer, they keep your attention with quirky humor and excellent imagery.

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  1. Hi Kaitlynn,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I think it’s great that you disagree with the author of the article about the fact that every writer needs to read all of the magazines listed. Although reading about the 10 magazines was interesting and informative, I do not necessarily believe that a writer needs to constantly be reading them all. The article you mentioned in Mental Floss seems awesome. I should send it to my grandparents as well! Also, I agree with your comments about The New Yorker. If only all of my writing was as engaging and dynamic as their article.


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