Capstone Brainstorm

Producing potential topics for my capstone project left me somewhat disappointed. I was hoping for a wider breadth of topics – 4/6 are related to human intelligence and it’s capabilities, and the other two concern creativity as it relates to expertise (or really good intelligence). True, I am genuinely interested in everything I have proposed, but finding a way to incorporate interesting and compatible elements from each of my elected topics is daunting.

Fortunately, however, I am enrolled in a couple classes directly correlated with these interests. Attending them over the last few days has helped me begin to parse these topics and reassemble them into a single goal. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore computer science, and given my psychology major, comparing human and computer minds seems doable. Moreover, this distinction is becoming very convoluted as mega-machines such as IBM’s Watson emerge, giving this topic a exciting edge. Therefore, I want to cross examine the capabilities of the human race with those of Watson and others in his “cohort,” such as creative capabilities, logic flow, and communication skills.

This could very well be beyond the grasp of my abilities, but given the plethora of information pertaining to this topic that exists accomplishing something valuable seems feasible. Ensuring that my audience cares about my findings is another matter, however. So including relevant and interesting disciplines, an engaging genre, and catchy media is paramount.

Disciplines: because the topic is broad (as the human brain is very capable), including elements of different academic fields would not only be necessary but also engaging for the audience. Engineers, musicians and humanities majors alike will see relevance to their studies. I of course will be forced to generalize within these categories for the sake of space, such as lumping aerospace and mechanical engineering into one category, but not to the point where each category becomes too vague.

Genre: to keep things interesting while remaining professional, creating a scientific report with engaging qualities is, as I said before, critical.

Media: because the subject requires heavy analysis, using a multi media form such as an ASAPscience style video. Imagery can be extremely helpful when understanding concepts such as logic flow.


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