A Form Less Traveled

I will try and make this as painful as possible, because I know that law is not the most riveting topic for most. With that being said, I on the other hand am so intrigued by the art of contract writing. So intrigued perhaps, that when I tell people this I probably fail to notice their eyes go blank and cloudy because I am too busy talking about how I would love to sign a band some day. Legal rhetoric is like another language, one that circles about itself in such a way that the reader is forced to sign out of exhaustion. Pretty crazy, huh? The mere fact that a stack of papers can sign someone off to agree to something for any amount of time makes my mind race. Contract writing, and really the realm of law itself, is like a mysterious unicorn that, to me, invites so many questions. Where and how does a lawyer start? What happens during negotiation? Basically, how do you do it? The entire venue of this profession is exciting, which may seem surprising coming from a person who also enjoys creative writing. Learning how to write legally would be like learning the English language all over again, and to be able to code switch from legal to creative language would be like finally seeing that unicorn– pretty cool.

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