Another Project Idea (need feedback pls)

Okay, so there wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic response to my Star Wars project idea.┬áBut never fear — I have another idea!┬áThis is in the very beginning stages of conception, but here’s a general idea:

For those who don’t know, I am a music major. I play the tuba. For this project model I will, over the course of the next month or so, make a sort of poetry journal. The plan is that after every one of my practice sessions in the music school I will write a few lines, a stanza, a few stanzas, or whatever, of poetry. The underlying goal of the project will be to see if I can create a deep, engaging, and complex emotional picture, through poetry, of what it means/feels like to be a music major.

Much time is spent discussing certain physical elements of being a musician, as well as the perils of performance anxiety. I have seen very little that has to do with the actual emotions of the everyday experience. Perhaps this is a hole in my knowledge, which will certainly prompt some research on my part. I have the feeling, however, that many people don’t write in these terms because there is an unspoken idea that being a music major is worth all of the struggle and pain. I agree with this, but I want to see if I can illuminate those struggles with a different art form.

As a parallel to this, I would then take the poetry I write each day and, afterward, compose a piece of unaccompanied tuba music that mirrors the emotional directions and content of the poetry. This would add another media element to the overall project, and would be an interesting way to make music, poetry, and the general concept of “hard work” or “study” all interact with each other.

Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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