Blogging for Confidence

I am still not exactly sure what I want my final project to be. To be about?

I’m not sure.

I’ll start here: I am excited about the prospect of the project. It is like I can taste the idea and I can see the colors of the idea but I am leaving time to tell me what the idea is. JP said in his blog post that his idea came from a  song. Where can I find such a song?! Part of me wants tot think that I am just not thinking enough about the project. But another part of me is really relying on that spark of clarity that may come while walking through the diag on my way to my 4pm Children’s Lit class, or sitting on the bus listening to music on my way to north campus. I know the idea will come, but what should I do to get it?

As of now, I am straddling the idea of writing a one-act play for theatre enthusiasts and for the purpose of good monologues and scenes for an audience my age. Here is the caveat: 1) I have to be a good writer to write a good play. 2) I have never written a play. 3). I have to write about something I know because I have limited time for research between now and when the project is due.

This leaves me with a small pile of ideas that I could delve into. I could write about where I am right now; A college senior about to graduate with a degree in acting. I could write about where I once was. I could write about where the people around me are as well. This idea initially led me to documentary theatre. I could conduct interviews to guide the direction of the plot or theme I am striving to drive out. This could be cool, but I don’t want it to be preachy. If I went this rout I would study up on documentary theatre as a genre, read a lot of plays, and hopefully talk to people who have written a lot of plays. I want to know how to do this in a way that is still inherently theatrical, even if it is not entirely fictional.

I am also thinking of writing a traditional, fictional play. Possibly a dialogue between two people around my age. I am thinking of doing this because I am often drawn to these types of plays and in the form of a one-act I think, with the right plot focus and idea, it could be done.

Maybe another element of my project would be to get part of it to be done aloud and I could stage a bit of it on camera. I am going to look into short films because of this to see if anything else sparks an idea. Overall, I know that I have no idea where I am going, but I don’t think that’s so bad. Yet.

On the bright side, I forgot how much I missed blogging!




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  1. Becky, I definitely identify with the feeling of tasting your project but not being able to actually pinpoint the specifics of the work. It’s kind of like eating dessert with a blindfold on. I think the idea of a one act play is a great one, especially since you are an actor. I’m not familiar with the exact specifics of playwriting, but I do know quite a bit about screenwriting and I’m sure they have some layover. I would look into the screenwriting software WriterDuet, which has a pretty easy and intuitive interface for writing. Additionally, I have a bunch of manuals on how to format screenplays from Screen Arts classes, and I’m sure these could help you with the basics of writing in that format. I think your biggest challenge will be the material that you land on: what do you want this project to be about and what larger idea are you trying to comment on?

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