Born to be funny? I don’t think so.

If I told you I liked formal, literary, academic writing you would probably call me a liar right? Well… in part this is true. Sometimes, writing papers suck. But sometimes, when the assignment, topic, and research all fall place properly, the results can be magical. Finishing a final draft of a multi-page literary analysis in which the diction is effortless and each sentence flows easily into the next is one of the best feelings.


Now let’s get real for a minute and address the fact that these mythical unicorn-like papers only occur about once in a blue. More often than not, writing such papers are about as pleasant as pulling teeth, or commonly described as “hell”. This tends to be the majority of writing that is done in high school and college, though I have dappled in poetry and journalism.


Although the modes in which I have written vary, the genres tend to remain fairly traditional. With this being said, I would love to be able to be able to be a comedic writer, breaking the mold of serious and customary writing.


I envy those who write for the Every Three Weekly or The Onion. Witty responses? I can give you plenty of those. Tell a funny story to my friends? Easy. Come up with my own funny or satirical material? Ha, jokes on… well, me? Premeditated comedy, sadly, has never been my forte. Now, don’t get me wrong, this by no means I don’t want to be able to write in this style, it just hasn’t seem to come as naturally. Some people just aren’t born to be funny.


I guess we’ll see though… Maybe the next article you read about matching with your GSI on Tinder, will be written by, yours truly.

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