Capstone Idea

When prompted in class to choose our topic for the capstone project based on something we’d always wanted to learn more about, my first thought was that I could not choose an economics topic. As an Econ major, I’ve wept many times when confronted with an article or study to read for an Econ class. I didn’t want want to put anyone through anything remotely similar to those experiences. I realized that not only is economics my major – it’s also the way I define my college experience. I thought about the countless times that people had asked me what I studied – not specifically what my major was – and I had responded Econ. So my project idea will not be focused on the theories and technicalities of economics.

But what, then, do I focus on? It took only a little thought before I had an idea. I have always loved architecture, so I will somehow base my project in that discipline. Right now, I’m thinking the architecture of lighthouses. Specific, yes, but also something I could research and work on without ever becoming bored or disinterested. I also want to write in historical fiction. So what I’m thinking is this: a series of letters from lighthouse keepers, from antiquity to modern day. I’m still unclear on the specifics, but that’s what I’m going off of now. As for the disciplines, genre, and media, here are my ideas:

Disciplines: history, architecture, art and drawing, language

Genre: Fiction, specifically historical fiction

Media: Typed letters, pencil drawn images of the lighthouses, maybe time-specific artistic copies of the letters

I really hope I can make this work!!

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