Capstone Project Idea

The infamous Capstone Project: Ah, where to begin. If you don’t know me from Gateway, I am the girl who said she would spend a few months of her life studying Game of Thrones. That definitely was sparked by Ray’s story of Worlds of Warcraft, but still, I am wildly obsessed with Game of Thrones – the themes, the symbolism, how it reaches such a range in audience at such a large amount.  As someone who only started watching GoT less than a year ago, I have already watched the entire series twice (hmmm…) and have started George R. Martin’s novels while waiting from the next season to come out in April. So, like I said, obsessed.

could write about Game of Thrones, but I think that may have just been a knee-jerk reaction to Worlds of Warcraft.  Not too feasible. If I really think about it, and I have, I think what I am really interested in is the Psychology behind Game of Thrones. Which led me to my more-than-likely topic: influence.

As of now, this word, “influence,” can stand to mean so many different things: the influence of people on other people, the influence of TV shows (hola GoT) on how people think, the influence of seasons on people’s positivity. I have so many different ideas, and I think the main problem is going to be narrowing my thoughts enough to come up with an outline that is clear, concise, and with a point of reason.

I have thought about making this a personal account – how I have been influenced by positive and negative events? But right off of the bat, that sounds a tad boring to me…

I have thought about studying the Psychological term of Influence and the science behind it for one aspect of the project and then using the second half of my project for the creative twist.

I have also thought about it making it completely focused on just relationships – could be all relationships, including parents, friends, romantic, even professors, or just romantic relationships, and how relationships influence one’s perspectives (or I should say can can influence…)

I think it is pretty clear that I have many a thought running around in my head right now. But I believe that it will come together as I continue to think and process these ideas and as the writing process begins.


Discipline: Psychology, Sociology, Communications (if I choose to work on GoT at all), Creative Non-Fiction

Focal Subject: Self and Influence/Society and Influence

Confounding Variable: I think this is the largest “?” I have at the time…but for right now I would say optimism v. pessimism in light of experiences


— Much more to come

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