Capstone Project

When I first started thinking of potential project ideas, my mind immediately jumped to things that pique my interest: I thought of a project on some kind of science, music, or perhaps even government and politics. But of all these options, I had a really hard time convincing myself that I should do anything other than something music related. This project seems like a perfect opportunity to explore something I haven’t really had a chance to study in my undergraduate education, and music is certainly one of those things. While I have musical background in playing guitar, bass, and saxophone, I’ve never had any formal training on them – everything I’ve learned has been more or less self-guided. I thought to myself, “How cool would it be to try and combine these skills in a more formal setting?” I know nothing about musical composition or musical theory, but I still understand basic aspects of how music works with respect to the instruments that I play. So with this in mind, I envisioned my project centering on the idea of musical composition.

Now of course, my enjoyment of a particular subject doesn’t guarantee that a larger audience will – so part of the dilemma of creating this project will be presenting it in a fashion that is relatable and enjoyable for others. Doing a project such as this comes with risk, as it could very well become a mess of unstructured disciplines and genres. While I don’t yet have a good idea of how this project should be put together, here are some of my initial thoughts regarding discipline, genre, and media:

Discipline: Musical composition is not a new discipline and it is something that has certainly been done for quite some time. Undoubtedly the same goes for writing. However, in doing a project such as this, I would like to combine writing and musical composition in some way or another. I initially imagined doing a journal that documented the project progress, but I am still wary of how this will actually look applied.

Genre: In doing a project such as this, my hope is that I can create somewhat of a unique discipline. Seeing as this project would have a musical component, I would imagine that a fair amount of this project will incorporate audio. Additionally, a writing component would accompany this in some form or another. I’m hesitant to assign a specific name to what this genre might look like, as it will hopefully be something new!

Media: Not everything is fit for just writing and music definitely falls into that category. This project would have to be multi-faceted in genre as there would be audio, writing, and depending on the direction of the project, possibly video. By combining different media aspects (as opposed to limiting it to just one) I can perhaps give this project an interesting spin.

In truth, I don’t have a very good idea of where I want this project to go at the moment. As I move forward through this process, my hope is that the project’s more practical logistics and applications become clearer. Eventually I would like for this plan to become much more concrete, but this preliminary brainstorm will provide a springboard for things to come.

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