Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Straightforward and succinct; those are the types of advice posts I searched for, stumbling upon “My Advice to Future Minors: Have Fun!!” by Annie Humphrey and “Advice for your pre-minor self” by Emily Kaplan. I particularly enjoyed these blog posts because of their structure. Both Annie and Emily outlined their points extremely clearly and concisely.┬áBeing incredibly busy as most (if not all) of us are, I found that the way they listed out their advice was anxiety relieving in itself. I especially enjoyed how Emily numbered and italicized her main points, going on to elaborate in regular font afterward.

Both of these posts did not necessarily say anything revolutionary, but they did not need to. What I most needed from the minor in writing veterans was reassurance and reminders. I got both from these two posts. They reassured me that, though I often do not think so, I am in fact a writer. Chances are, I also am not a bad one considering I was accepted into this program in the first place. They moved on to remind me to do the things that I all too often overlook, such as speaking up in class, stepping out of my comfort zone, and remembering that all the work I do is not wasted: each writing assignment will improve my writing. Even if it is awful, at least then I know what does not work. All in all, the advice was much appreciated. Thank you Annie and Emily for not beating around the bush.

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