Early thoughts on the Capstone project

I want to write about boob jobs. Seriously.

My inspiration for this topic is (shocker) my own insecurities about the size of my chest and the various ways being boy chested has impacted my life. I’ve pestered my parents about getting an augmentation ever since I figured I fell in the short end of the gene pool my little sister developed a larger chest than I and birth control seemed to “affect” every one of my friends besides me. Obviously I haven’t gotten one yet, party because they haven’t agreed that surgery would make a good graduation present, partly because I haven’t been able to fully able to wrap my mind about changing my body in that way. Some days I think that all of my problems would be solved if I got a boob job. Other days I look down at the six inch scar on the outside of my left thy and think “there’s already enough foreign material in your body and you’ve got a giant butt anyway.”

So really, I want to write about the decision to get breast implants — the social, psychological, gendered and organizational pressures that bring a woman to elect to a surgery to put silicon into her body. I want to research perfectionism and the ways it manifests both in my own life and in organizations associated with attractiveness.

Right now, I am looking at creative nonfiction for my form, taking a nod from writers like Ann Hodgman who wrote about eating dog food and researching the pet food industry. While my personal stake in this topic will serve as my narrative ad a form of self discovery, I intend for my research to become a business proposal either to my parents or myself as to the virtues (or lack thereof) of getting implants. Ultimately, creative nonfiction will allow me to achieve both and, perhaps most importantly, write satirically such that my final product will be smartly entertaining.

I’ll combine my fascination with sports and my background in Organizational Studies to address the following questions and more:

  1. Who are breast implants for? Are they for the self, the man or the woman?
  2. What is society’s consensus on boob jobs? Is it more important to be natural or to be busty? How do opinions vary among different organizations or cultures?
  3. How big is too big???


  • organizational theory, sociological theory
  • Satire, creative nonfiction, personal narrative


  • Myself, women in exercise classes
  • Breasts

Nuances or confounding variables:

  • Extensive observational/field research accompanied by medical and organizational research
  • Application of theory balanced by satire


~ The girl who wants to write about boob jobs.

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