Good Points Were Made

The Minor in Writing seems pretty special compared to all the other majors and minors at the University of Michigan. For one, each incoming class is called a cohort which gives the Minor a close, intellectual community feel. It definitely feels like a place where fresh, green writers are encouraged to plant their cute little writing seeds and watch their pieces grow as the garden of other writers waters and sustains them. This blog is a testament to that drawn out metaphor.


I chose to comment on Allison Skaggs’ “Welcome to the Writing Minor!” because she mentions being totally passionate about the topic you write about, and I think it could be a seriously important tip about this project in particular. If you write about something that matters to you, you never have to worry about losing interest in the project before it’s done because you won’t stop until this supremely, personally important thing you are discussing has been discussed to its limit. She also talked about how writing is a very complex topic, and I totally agree. What motivates someone to write? Could it be those four reasons Orwell outlined in his essay “Why I Write”? I am not sure, but I want to have a clearer idea by the end of semester so I appreciate the post mentioning that writing is so much more than what we think it is.


I also commented on Emily Post’s post “‘What a long, strange trip it’s been’…is what I’ll say after Capstone” because I thought she made an excellent point about being honest with your professor about how much work you’ve put into a piece and how much more work you plan to put in. Open and honest communication is so important for productive conversation to occur– I promise I did not whip that out of a marriage counseling book or Seventeen magazine. I am not really one for withholding how I feel about something so I definitely plan on being honest about my writing: do I think it sucks? is it incomplete? am I stuck? Answering these questions with T is definitely going to help me build a stronger foundation for my piece.


Both posts contained  some great insight that I plan to implement during my time in the Gateway course.

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