The two posts that I commented on were “Hey You! Listen! – My advice for incoming students” by Clarence Stone and “So You’re Doing the Minor in Writing…” by Sonalee Joshi.

I chose Clarence’s because of the title. It grabbed me immediately and I felt a compulsion to open it up. Once I saw the GIF, I was sold. Beyond that, I commented on it because the advice really seemed practical and I could almost hear his voice through his writing. I liked his advice–keep an open mind, but don’t leave things to the last minute. It seems perfect, as universal as “don’t be a moron.” It’s also easier said than done, like being a morning person or having an exercise routine. Either way, I found it to be inspiring and I liked it.

Sonalee’s advice appealed to me because she got on my level of confusion and insecurity. I too feel a shard of cold terror in my chest when I think about the remediation project. I too feel a sense of desperation when I think about what past writing I’m going to rework. I too am a little scared that I’ll create absolute trash and that I’ll be so ashamed of my project that I’ll wipe it from the internet and have nothing concrete after this semester. Her admission that she felt the same terror comforts me as I experience my own.

Also, I need to make an appointment with an advisor. Thanks for reminding me, Sonalee.


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