HELLO — It’s Me

I know what you might be thinking, but let me start off first by saying I am not an Adele fan. After hearing her song so many times in the car it is hard not to get her lyrics stuck in your head.IMG_8396

My name is Allyson and I am a sophomore from Rochester, Michigan. Unless you are from around here you have probably never hear of it. I guess you could say we are a small town with a big personality (if you have seen pictures of the Christmas lights that are put up in the Winter then you know what I am talking about).

I have lived in Rochester most of my life with my mom, my dad, and my brother, Andrew, who is a senior at U of M. We are incredibly close and I like to take all the opportunities I get to go home and see them during the year. I have a dog, Max, who makes up a large majority of my Snapchat stories and I am currently binge watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

When I was in fifth grade I wrote a school winning dream career speech that I presented in front of my school district. While at that time, the dream career I had written about was not to be a writer, I realized somewhere in the midst of the assignment how easily the words came to me when I was writing about something I was interested in. It was not about the career, it was about the writing.

Since then, my interests have changed and I am now looking to major in Communication Studies with a minor in Writing (of course). After I graduate I am hoping to find a job at a Public Relations Firm. I am passionate about social media and would love to combine that passion with my love for writing one day. The possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to see where they take me.

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  1. Hi Allyson! I really enjoyed reading your first post and getting to know you a bit better! I definitely connect with you on your point about how writing comes easily when you are passionate about the topic. This class will be a great opportunity to always be writing about interesting topics and, as a result, enjoying the process of writing. I liked your title as well as your opening few sentences about Adele. Both worked to spark my interest, draw me into your piece, and want to continue reading. Your writing in general flows really well and is easy to read. I can’t wait to read more of your posts as the semester progresses!

  2. Hello… I think your opening played off our expectations perfectly. Beyond that once you actually get into the introduction everything flows nicely together. Your transitions from one topic to the next are good and nothing seems abrupt or out of place. It is clear from your writing that family and community are important to you and I feel as if I know something about you just from the ways that you have described things. Also I think we have all had moments where we have been writing about something we thought we were interested in and then realized what we actually liked wasn’t what we were describing but what we were doing. Or I guess at least I have.

  3. (I’ve been wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet)
    Allyson and I went to high school together. Legitimately. However, we never really got the chance to talk with each other because our high school was gigantic and Allyson was literally head cheerleader while I was captain of the math team. Legitimately. So I guess it’s kind of like we’re finally meeting each other properly after years of passing each other in the hallway? I don’t think that’s what Adele had in mind. Either way, I think your intro worked really well to break the ice and draw the reader in with something familiar.

    I really liked how you described the moment that you realized you loved writing. It’s true that writing is all about the process, not the product and it’s awesome that you realized that so early on (I definitely didn’t). After, reading your post I definitely feel like we got to know you better–especially what you value. Community and family seem like two things that you really care about!

  4. Hey!
    I thought it was a good hook how you used an Adele song as a title. I can relate to being from a town that no out of staters have heard of. I’m from Okemos, but I always just say East Lansing, since no one has ever heard of Okemos. I also love binge watching Netflix, by the way. Oh, and, congrats on the winning dream career speech! I hope to continue to get to know you throughout the semester.

    Your friend,


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