Linking Writing to Where it’s Important- Home

0611880Growing up in a medium sized, baseball crazed town of Cincinnati, I really had little choice of how I would spend my free time. Some of my earliest memories are at the Opening Day Parade in which the city practically closes down every year to commemorate the start of a new baseball season. For those that are unaware, the Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball organization and, to commemorate that, open the season at home every year. This oddity, along with the false hope that our team will do anything positive in the upcoming season captures my midwestern town every spring.

I guess you could say that baseball, or more specifically, sports were the reason that I was determined to read. I wanted the full scope of each game and the stories behind the game that often fall through the cracks. I grew up reading Enquirer writers John Fay and Paul Daugherty. I also enjoy sports radio, an extension of writing, in which opinions are pivotal. Currently, I enjoy listening to Rich Eisen and even podcasts like the Lowe Post to get my in-depth sports journalism.

While I appreciate blogging and other types of sports journalism, I especially enjoy writing. I look at writing as an opportunity to allow the outside world to hear my opinions on any topic that I choose to write about. I especially enjoyed being the sports editor for my high school newspaper and writing a sport ethics blog last winter. My writing process follows a strict pattern. I prefer to write the whole piece in one sitting, without making any edits. It is in this frame of mind, not worrying about making mistakes or even about writing a terrible piece, that I do my best work. No mater the assignment or activity, when I leave my anxiety out of the process and only wory about what I am doing at that moment, I do my best. Upon leaving my work for a couple of days, in essence taking the emotion out of it, I began to edit.

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  1. Hi Louis,

    I truly enjoyed reading your post! It was really interesting to see how your city’s love for baseball has translated into your own life. I really connected with a having a strong tie to home while away at college. Do you travel home often? My friends mock me all the time because I go home almost every month. I do not know what it is, but home just has a special, cozy feeling for me. Furthermore, I was intrigued by your interest in reading about sports. After reading the summary of your favorite book in class, I thought maybe I should give sports based articles a chance. I have never read anything, but they might give me some future motivation. Alright well I just wanted to comment and say awesome job on your post. I hope you have a great day and I will see you in class on Thursday!



  2. Hey Louis,

    It’s good to get to know you better through this post. I remember you mentioning in class that you enjoyed sports-related writing, and while I cannot relate, I can appreciate the passion behind it. Because my whole family is sports crazy besides me, it is interesting to hear about how you grew up in an entire city that revolved around this one baseball organization. It sounds like it definitely had an influence on your interests and hobbies. I also totally related to what you said about writing something all in one sitting (as you know from class, this is my M.O. too). I agree with what you said about it being so focused on the piece that there is no room for worries or distractions.
    With our similar writing processes, I look forward to working with you this semester!


  3. Hey Louis!
    I really liked your post! Baseball was also an interesting part of my life. For whatever reason, when I was a kid, I decided that I liked baseball better than softball. So, I lobbied my way onto the boys baseball team in elementary school, while all my friends joined the softball team. I also could relate to when you said you have a strict pattern for writing, because I am too. I have my rituals for how I write and I don’t really like to try writing any other ways. Anyways, I hope to continue to get to know you better throughout the semester.

    Your friend,

    Meredith Fox

  4. I have traversed back to my original post to happily answer the questions posed in the comments that I greatly appreciate.
    Chloe, it is great that we both share a passion for our hometowns. While I do not travel back too often, probably once every six weeks during the academic year, i still remain glued to all of the games of My favorite teams back home. And when I am home, I make sure to go to some of these events.
    Thanks to everyone that looked over my post and especially to those that commented. It was great to learn about you and I am looking forward to the rest of the semester.

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