I Took Your Advice and I Thank You

Let’s be honest. We have all logged on to Rate My Professor before backpacking a class. Often times, what we read impacts our decision to take that class. It is always nice to get first hand advice from someone who has already taken it. In fact, many times it has cleared up the worries I have had. Other times it has intensified them.

After spending probably too much time on the Sweetland Writing Minor Blog this afternoon, like I have on Rate My Professor, I chose two very different, yet somewhat similar, blog posts to take advice from. I came across both, “To the Minor in Writing Youngins,” by Kelly Hall and “Go you. Do you. Be you.” by Anna Prenzler. I have reread both of them several times, and, like many of the posts on Rate My Professor, they have significantly lessened any uneasiness I felt about entering the Minor in Writing.

Hall offers a list of five straightforward pieces of advice for the Minor that I could not agree with more. They range from getting to know your group members to getting to know yourself as a writer. The Minor in Writing is about experimenting, while exploring your writing and the writing of others around you. We need to be confident and need not to second-guess ourselves, as she mentions.

Prenzler on the other hand offers more of a different approach to the Minor in Writing. I was immediately drawn to her title “Go you. Do you. Be you.” because it reminded me of the old saying my grandmother used to tell me before I set out to do anything: “Go do.” Although the advice might not be exactly the same, they seem to be sending the same message. It is okay to challenge yourself and to step outside your comfort zone. In the end, it will all be worth it.

As I look towards my future in the Minor in Writing, I will remember to keep an open mind to everything it throws at me, while taking the advice of my fellow cohorts who have either gone through or are currently going through the same process I am. So thank you, Kelly Hall and Anna Prenzler. I am excited, and there could not be a better feeling.

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