“Interesting” Things About Me and How I “Write”

Hello, my name is Tyler Fink and I assume that you can deduce by this point that I am minoring in writing.  Beyond that my current plan is to double major in Statistics and Psychology while also minoring in Mathematics. I know, I am insane. I am currently in my third year here at Michigan and am becoming more and more aware with each passing day that I will be done in a little over a year. My plans for the future are nearly nonexistent and when that day comes in around a year and a couple months I don’t really know yet what I want to do with my life. But let’s steer clear of that fact for now.

What do I know and what do I like? I read quite a bit during the summer when I actually have the time to really get into a book. I would read during the school year but don’t really have the time. I enjoy watching TV as well and some of my current favorites include Game of Thrones, Modern Family and Survivor. I also spend a lot of my spare (and not so spare) time on the internet doing absolutely nothing and wasting my time.

I am not the most active person and I definitely don’t exercise all that much. However I do play “walleyball” (volleyball in a racquetball court) fairly often with some of my friends. I was an All-State tennis player in high school but could probably count on one hand the number of times that I have played since starting school here. I also sporadically decide that I should start running and have ran two 5Ks while in college (this habit never really lasts long though).

I am originally from Comstock Park, Michigan which is on the west side of the state just a little bit north of Grand Rapids. It is a small town that exists right on the border between the suburbia of the greater Grand Rapids area and the rural farmlands that exist outside of it. The public high school that I went to was only around 600 people in total and with a few exceptions I knew the names of all my classmates when I graduated.

I am overall a quiet person, especially with people that I don’t know very well. My sense of humor consists mostly of terrible puns and sarcasm. I am a horrific mix of being organized and a mess. I have a terrible habit of ignoring things that I don’t want to think about which causes half of my problems. I also procrastinate a lot but can do so very strangely by baking (which my roommates love), cleaning, or organizing.

My process for writing reflects my personality this a lot. Basically, once I actually focus enough to start writing it comes out of me in chunks of sentences or paragraphs at a time. I write for a bit and then once I have lost the thread I will look back at what I have just written and realize that nothing actually makes any sense. In one sentence, I have written the same word twice without realizing it as I changed the tense or phrasing as I wrote. Another sentence will be three lines long and completely devoid of any punctuation. Yet another will just sound awkward and wrong. I fix all of these errors in what I have just written and try to make it flow well together in at least some semblance of order. Then, after achieving this, I will look at how much I have written and how long it has taken and either panic or feel relieved. I will repeat this process of writing and revising smaller sections slowly until I have completed the entire paper. Depending on length and my current state of fear, I will have stopped a varying number of times for at least 30 minutes to an hour to take a “five minute break” while writing.


Me and my twin brother Dylan. (I am on the left)
Me and my twin brother Dylan at the Ohio State  game. (I am on the left)

4 thoughts to ““Interesting” Things About Me and How I “Write””

  1. Hi Tyler!

    It is crazy how fast time passes while we are in college. I cannot believe I am almost halfway done! It sounds like you have a lot on your hands this semester, but I am happy that you chose writing to be a part of it. I, too, played tennis in high school and enjoy watching Modern Family and Survivor when I get the chance. I can completely picture your writing process, all of the editing and revising. It can be stressful for sure, but is always worthwhile in the end. How did you go about writing your “Why I Write” project? Did you follow the writing process that you wrote about above? I am looking forward to workshopping it in class!

  2. Hi Tyler! This was a great introductory post because I feel like I got to know you personally as well as you as a writer. Stylistically, I enjoyed how you broke your writing into different paragraphs, each paragraph containing a separate fact about you because it made the post flow more easily than if it had all been in chunks. I must say I am very impressed with your academic plan! It’s so cool that you have such a diverse range of studies and interests! I definitely related with you when you talked about your process of writing because I too write a rough draft that I think is fantastic only to reread it and realize that it makes no sense (grammatically or idea-wise). Do you like to get feedback from others to help make sense of your draft, or do you usually just fix it yourself and only show the new, more polished version to others? I can’t wait to read more of your posts this semester!

  3. Hi Tyler!
    First of all, I wanted to tell you that I will always remember your name because I have a brother named Tyler! I can really relate to the fact that you have all of these majors and minors because I do too. I am majoring in Political Science and Sociology with minors in Writing and, probably, CASC. So, I get that whole “you’re insane” thing all the time too. I like how you talked about how your personality comes out through your writing, because that’s much of how I write too. I can’t wait to read your writing! Also, it’s so cool that you have a twin, I wish I had a twin. What’s it like having a twin, and do people ask you that all the time? Anyways, I hope to continue to get to know you better throughout the semester.

    Your friend,

    Meredith Fox

  4. Hey Tyler! I totally agree with you about a lot of things. I too have little time to read during the school year. I also don’t really exercise. I am also very quiet when I first meet people. I also procrastinate too much. We have much in common.
    I was really into how much your own voice comes out in your blog post; I really feel like I got to know your personality along with your likes and dislikes. Your writing process is so realistic. I honestly feel like all of those little breaks are important because, without them, you would never be able to look at your own writing objectively. I grow attached to my words even when they suck. Time apart always helps me to be more objective. That’s my rationalization behind procrastinating.
    You seem like you’re studying in a bunch of different areas. What do you love about each minor/major?

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