Is Yoga for Everyone? A new way of thinking about my Capstone Project.

Honestly, going into the session I thought I could be one of those students Shelley talks about, the ones that decide to completely change their topic midway through the process. I still don’t feel completely confident in my project, but I feel better than I did before workshop.

One of my major concerns about my project was if it was important enough, or if it could enter into a larger social conversation. My classmates had some interesting advice for me in terms of connecting the personal nature of my topic to a bigger picture. Becky suggested asking an interesting question: Is yoga for everyone? It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, but just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Pre-workshop, I didn’t even consider the high prices of yoga class or looking closely at the “hype.”

I was happy that my peers could validate the relevance of my audience. Julia brought up that a college student’s life is based around a schedule where you are always looking to the next day, which is completely contradictory to the thinking of yoga. I also never considered focusing on U of M students in particular, but it could be something interesting to bring in, as U of M students are lucky to have the resources of many yoga studios that other college students may not have.

I’m fairly impatient by nature, so I’m ready to write this next formal proposal and get my thoughts out in writing again.¬†For next steps, I really want to think carefully about a publication venue, because I think it could narrow in the angle I’d like to take in my journalism piece. I also need to do some research on immersive journalism. Some written student comments during my pitch included names of teachers to be used as resources for journalism help, so I will definitely be checking those out. I also will keep browsing journalistic pieces about yoga for information and inspiration. This one was a great example.

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