It Must Be True… I Read It On The Internet

I responded to my two selected posts for different reasons.

The reason I responded to the first post “Roll the Windows Down, And Enjoy the Ride” by Abigail Wilkins was that I really liked how Abigail talked about feeling insecure and unsure about the minor and the course. The story that she used I related to and she drew me in to read the rest of the post. I am a natural worrier and one of the things that I will worry about most is fitting. I have been worried about not knowing enough about reading, not being a good enough, not fitting in with the other people in the minor, and a variety of other things since finding out I was accepted into the minor and enrolling in the course. Abigail helped to remind me that the minor, this course, and everything else that goes along with it was going to happen anyways and that I might as well go along with it and try to enjoy it.

The reason that I responded to the second post “Advice to future writing minors” by Anisha Nandi was that I thought that it gave some great advice for getting the most out of the course. What drew me stylistically to her post was that she offered them in a list style that allowed me to see the advice that she was going to give at a quick glance. Thus I could see what she was going to talk about and whether I was interested in hearing about that. Specifically the first and last pieces of advice stuck with me. First that I should commit myself fully into the work for the minor. This at first seems like common sense but I also feel like this is something of which we need a constant reminder. Then the other point was that we shouldn’t compartmentalize this experience and knowledge into just this class. This also is something that causes us to say “Duh” or “Of course” once we hear it but is something that we always need to try and remember.

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