Making My E-Portfolio Cool

This winter break, my mother and I were walking in my neighborhood of downtown Manhattan, trying to waste time before our dinner reservations. As we window shopped and drooled over dresses that would make us go bankrupt, my mother stopped and dragged me into a colorful store called Taschen. Books of all sizes lined the walls, every color imaginable, lighting up the entire space. I felt like I was in a candy store. Taschen, an art book publisher, is by far my mother’s favorite publishing company, which I found out that night as she played through the little halls of the store. I was immediately drawn to a massive book, larger than my torso, opened atop a pedestal at the front of the store. It was an entire book about David Bowie, and his rise and fall as Ziggy, all as a collection of photographs and quotes by his official photographer of 1972-1973, Mick Rock. I stood there for a very long time, flipping through every page, which were splashed with beautiful images and quotes by both the photographer and the musical sensation. I moved from Rebel. Rebel. to another opened book called Unclassifiable Rheims, which kept my attention until my mom gathered me for dinner. It was so hard to be pulled away, and I will probably remember that visit for a very long time.

I set you up with this image of me standing at the helm of such giant books, in probably the most aesthetically pleasing space comparable to a library possible, because that is what I would like to model my e-portfolio after. Each and every art book that Taschen has published is beautifully assembled and rich with content. I was curious to search for their website as well, which is equally as pleasing to the eye as all of their books are. I found that I could spend an incredible amount of time on their site, browsing through images of their books, and reading the little snippets about each one. If my own website could draw the eye like Taschen’s does, then I would feel content.

In other news, while browsing the other day, I found the David Bowie book, and guess how much it’s going for? $4,000.

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