My Writing Communities

Two writing communities I am currently apart of are Spoon University and Her Campus. Spoon University is an online food magazine for college students. University of Michigan has their own chapter that I have been a part of for the past two years. Originally I was only on the marketing side of the publication, but I began writing for Spoon last semester. The articles on Spoon all focus on food. Articles range from recipes, restaurant reviews, news articles, buzzfeed type articles and more. I have written two articles for them so far, one a review on Juicy Kitchen, an Ann Arbor Restaurant and then another more creative article titled “What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You, As Told By Taylor Swift.”

The other writing community I am apart of on campus is called Her Campus UMich. Her Campus is a National online magazine focusing on content for college women. They have chapters at colleges and universities all across the United States and some are gradually popping up in other countries. I started writing for Her Campus during my freshman year and have been writing articles ever since. Most of the articles I write are focused on fashion or style. These articles are usually in list format “4 Types of Fashion Coats You Need for This Season.” Most of the articles I write are image heavy and not as wordy as some articles I have written in the past. Although I will continue to write for Her Campus until I graduate, I don’t enjoy writing the articles as much as I did in the past. One of my goals for this semester is to try and write about more engaging topics.

Both Spoon University and Her Campus are online magazines focused on the college demographics. The style of writing in both of these publications are very similar in tone and structure. However, Spoon University focuses solely on the topic of food, while Her Campus highlights articles on a vast array of topics.

After discussing writing communities with the rest of my class and reading other students’ blog posts, I realized that the communities that I wrote about reflect my out of the classroom writing experience. Classes I have taken such as the gateway course and my English 325 class have also been writing communities. I also believe that this capstone course will be another writing community.

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