No feelings, No problem

“I’m a person with virtually no feelings.”

This is the sentence that immediately compelled me to read the interview with writer Deborah Eisenberg. I am the type of person who struggles with expressing my feelings, and therefore, use writing as a mechanism for self-expression. This sentence caused me to believe that I would have a large amount in common with Deborah, and once I read that she was dressed in all black for her interview,  I knew I was right.

For starters, the idea explored in this interview of writing related to therapy really intrigued me. I had never thought of writing as playing a therapeutic role in my life, but Deborah made me realize how good it feels to write.

However, Deborah also touched on the fact that writing does not come as easily to her as it does to others. She claims it takes her a “long, long time to write a story”. I can heavily relate to this because speed is definitely not something I experience in my writing process. It takes me a great deal of time to get my ideas on paper, which can be extremely frustrating. But, as Deborah pointed out, “When you add a comma or add or subtract a word, and the thing reacts and changes, it’s so exciting that you forget how absolutely terrible writing feels a lot of the time”. This is something I experience when I write because once I get started, the happiness I feel when words are finally spilling onto the paper makes up for all of those discouraging hours spent staring at a blank page.

Another writing habit of Deborah’s that stood out to me was the fact that she said, “I never know whether something is going to work until the last word of the last line of the last draft”. Some people are confident with their ideas before they even begin to put them down on paper. But similar to Deborah, I too do not feel a sense of accomplishment until that last line is written and everything finally comes together.

Between her head to toe black outfit, her inability to have feelings, and her overall writing habits, I felt a very strong connection to Deborah Eisenberg and am extremely interested in reading her short story collections.


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  1. Hey Emily! As you know from reading my post, decisions are not my strong suit, and this was actually one of the interviews I was debating using. I only read a few paragraphs of it, but I connected with Deborah as well.

    I really enjoyed the quote you started with, it compelled me to read your post just as it did in the interview for you. Sounds like the rest of the interview would have been a good read, your details about her writing habits and how they resonate with you make me wish I’d kept reading!

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