Pitching the Capstone Project

While pitching my project yesterday I was pretty confident with what I wanted to say, yet not completely solidified with all of my ideas. It sounds good in theory, but then I have those moments where I realize how am I going to create a food blog, how am I going to cook so many things, also my ingredients are a bit repetitive–so yes, minor freak outs. But, I don’t think this doubt is necessarily bad, simply because I know that I’m challenging myself. As I stated in my pitch, a large part of the blog for me other than the overarching concept of food would be design elements, and implementing new sites and design techniques that I can later use within a future career. I was previously signed up for two minicourses in design elements but dropped them for another course–did I megiphyntion this already? As a senior, I’m getting old and possibly loosing my mind a bit–but I hoped to create a sense of a portfolio from those two classes, which I am now attempting to implement into my final capstone project as well.


I really appreciated the class feedback on my project idea, especially because I’m truly starting from square one. An aspect I didn’t consider was the presence of Spoon University on campus, which is similar–but a bit more professional than my nonexistent and unknown food blog at the moment–to my overall idea. I want to stress something new for college students, and not simply clutter my peers’ news feeds on social media with something they’ve already seen.


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As I am a proudly broke college student, I know that budget is a huge part of what students prepare to cook–and that was enforced within my feedback as well. I love the idea to cater my blog specifically to UM students, which would allow me to better cover my geographical area and include restaurants, coffee shops, reviews, etc. Also, a peer pitched the idea of where to get your groceries–whether it’s produce at Walgreens (is that socially acceptable to purchase?) or loading up at Babo without breaking your budget. Even doing some sort of interactive map of nearest grocery stores, how to get there, and what to get at each to be the budget conscious foodies in AA would be something new and exciting for me to experiment with.


I left the discussion feeling inspired, which I think is definitely the point of pitching our ideas to the class. I’m excited to write up my proposal, and continue to elaborate on further ideas I can implement into my blog as a whole. I’m sure that some new ideas that I play around with may fail, but I am confident that there is much untapped potential within this idea–and I’m excited for a new experience! Food writing, food blogs, here I come.

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  1. Britni,

    I think your capstone project is definitely going to be very creative based on the different recipes you have to come up with. There’s definitely so many avenues you could go with this. There can be posts that specifically focus on vegetarian recipes, home comfort food, or healthy eating. I think something like this (http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/2-Week-Clean-Eating-Plan-39190722) would be cool where you come up with a shopping list that can be used for a week’s worth of food. Maybe even a spring break diet recipes! Another idea could be looking at supermarket ads, seeing what’s on sale, and creating recipes from that because the typical college student is on a budget. This would also integrate the idea of figuring out where to get groceries from, which I really like!

    I know I initially mentioned restaurant reviews for your blog, but I also am not sure about that idea anymore because there are so many avenues that already do this (food blogs, Yelp, etc.)

    I’m definitely interested to see what you come up with because I eat in the majority of the week and figuring out what to eat can be a bit of a bore after a while.

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