Reassuring Advice

I’ll be honest, after the first class two weeks ago, I was not so sure I was cut out for the minor in writing.  I felt that, maybe since I didn’t sit around writing for fun at all hours of the day, I was somewhat out of my element.

After reading over many advice blogs, I definitely feel otherwise.  These blogs provided me the much needed reassurance regarding my place in the minor as well as my ability as a writer.  They settled my nerves and calmed my fears that I was somehow not good enough, and allowed me to see that this minor can be whatever you want to make it.  I’m glad to hear that it is so open and free and seems to really be up to interpretation as to how you want to push yourself, what you want to learn, and what you hope to get out of it.

The two articles that stuck out to me however were “Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh…**Advice” by Rebecca Soverinsky and “Hey, over here! Listen to Me” by Minna Wybrecht.

Rebecca’s reassured me that, even if you are uncertain of why you’re here, there is a reason for it and you should be confident in your abilities.  She also let me know that it’s okay to be creative.  Not only did her advice say this, but I also get the sense that you can really say whatever you want in this writing community solely by the title of her post.  I found the title, one that quotes a song referencing alcohol, surprising in that I don’t think normal assignments for other classes would be okay with funny references to songs.  But maybe that’s just me.

Minna’s post was reassuring in that she stressed that the professors and our classmates will not only push us to get out of our comfort zones, but also support us when we try something we might be afraid to.  This was huge for me, as I often steer clear of doing things I fear I will fail at.  Minna included a picture with a quote that said “to live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong”.  This is something I will continually think back to during my time in the minor as I want to try new things with my writing, but just really need the reassurance that it’s okay to step out of my comfort zone despite my fear of failing.

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