Running in Heels

Ever since high school, I have dreamt about writing my own column in a highly circulated fashion magazine like Glamour, Marie Claire or even Cosmopolitan. My column, however, would differ from the classic “best winter accessories of the year” and “how to decode flirtatious text messages.” In my ideal writing venue, I will discuss about politics. As a political science major and political junkie, it is my self-proclaimed duty to inform fellow women like myself about current policy issues that are affecting our day to day lives. I will interview female politicians and candidates about struggles they face being powerful women. These could be about a wide variety of topics including balancing work and their personal life, sexist questions reporters ask them or differences they’ve picked up on how their colleagues treat them compared to males.

The “Running in Heels” is a play on words and refers to running for a political office. This column would be a more detailed version of The Skimm, a daily e-mail sent to millennial women informing them of the day’s top stories. I admire women in office and would want to give them publicity and help them regardless of their political views.

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