Thanks for the advice!

The first post that I chose to comment on was titled Blog 12: Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh….** Advice written by Rebecca Soverinsky. I really connected with what she wrote because before reading her post, I was unsure if I was a good fit for the writing minor. I felt as if in order to get something valuable out of the minor, you had to be the type of person who wrote as a hobby in addition to writing for academic purposes (which I am not). But the writing style that Rebecca used in her post made it seem as if all of these same thoughts were running through her head when she first starting the writing minor as well. She made me realize that I am much more capable then I think I am, and I am going to take her advice by not being too hard on myself and having confidence in my writing.

Go You. Do you. Be you. written by Anna Prenzler was the second post that I chose to comment on. I was immediately drawn to her post because of the title. Go You. Do you. Be You. is a very strong message and I have always valued being yourself, so I thought I would connect with what Anna had to say. And I was right. Although I am not a business major, I could relate to Anna’s experience in this class because I am also extremely used to very structured classes. I am used to being told what to do, and following strict guidelines when it comes to what I am writing. The idea of interpreting writing assignments however I want to and having the rules be extremely out in the open is very new to me, and something I find challenging. But I plan to use Anna’s advice and “feel okay with not being okay” in order to learn more about myself as a writer and as a person.

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