The Impact of the Advice on Me

One key aspect of my “Why I Write” essay is that I am on a continual search process to find my own, unique writing voice. I grew up in a house that always had the sports section in the driveway on my ride to school, and I began reading all the sports columns that I could. Immediately I picked up on the voices of these journalists and demanded that I wanted my own. That was in elementary school. I still am on the search. I appreciated the advice from Shannon Vail’s “Advice” to try something new in this course. In the past, I have written with the hopes of achieving a certain grade, thus haven’t had the opportunity to search for my voice, because I was not willing to struggle and have that reflected in my overall grade. Now, I have finally found the place to do the search, the minor.

Another aspect of the advice that stuck out to me in Kelly Hall’s “To the Minor in Writing Youngins,” was to look for help during the writing process. Many times academia can be such a competitive process, it will be relieving to all work together to benefit each other’s writing. This is true of peer reviews. I enjoyed how prevalent peer-review process advice was in the blog posts. Through reading Chamberlain’s article and now the numerous blog posts, I will not only look forward to my work benefiting, but also hope to gain a new insight into writing through other’s work.

This advice, not necessarily the way it was framed or said, but the advice itself gives me a new insight on writing and allows me to look forward to future essays to implement these tactics.

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