The New York Times Morning/Evening Briefs

The New York Times posts a brief every morning and night of the weekday, and once on the weekend on Sunday. I find this to be a very useful form of media for students to quickly receive a digest of the current news. It encompasses current events, political events, sports, and pop culture news.

One of the key attributes of this venue of writing is the short paragraphs and limited information. The briefs inform the reader of the events that are going on, but not to the full longevity. This is important because people are not always looking to read articles about events, they often just want something to keep them in the loop.

In addition, another attribute of the briefs is the simplistic vernacular. You do not need to know a lot about world politics to understand the language and context of a brief about ISIS. It is very beneficial, especially for people who are just beginning to read the news.

In general, the New York Time briefs hone in on conciseness for the readers to understand current events.


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