The Pitching Experience


Coming into class today I was a bit nervous about pitching my project idea to everyone. Although I knew it would be helpful, the first peer review with a new class can be a little scary. However, after a few minutes I began to feel comfortable and excited to share my idea with the rest of the class. Because I had spoken to Shelley two times about my idea, I was pretty confident in the bones of my proposal, but wanted feedback in refining its form.


Listening to everyone’s responses was very helpful. I really appreciated all the feedback I received from the rest of the class. It’s always nice to hear positive remarks :). I also thought Shelley’s system of responses (half in person/half on canvas) was adventageous. Being able to go back and read what everyone wrote made making edits to my proposal a lot easier. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I got was from Adam. He suggested that I also write about how I will approach fashion in the future. I had not mentioned that in my proposal and I think that would be a great addition to my project.


Overall I am feeling more confident about my project proposal. At this point my project will take the form of a timeline and article in Vogue. I know that I want the timeline to focus on my personal style narrative while the article will talk about the bigger picture of style and maturing. I think that the article will focus more on the transition from childhood to adulthood related to style. The next challenge I am going to have to tackle is deciding the specific kinds of content I want to include in both the timeline and the article piece. Although this task is daunting, I am extremely excited to see what my final project will look like. I hope that it will be both enjoyable to work on as well as helpful in my future endeavors.

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  1. Hannah,

    I am very excited about your project. I am interested to see what you have to say about style, especially as someone who is not at all stylish. I think analyzing your change in style throughout the years will be insightful and interesting. I agree with Adam, exploring what you think your style may change into in the future would be very interesting as well. I know when we talked in our small group, we had discussed something similar. As we all graduate and begin our careers, it makes sense that our style will change completely.

    I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

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