The Players’ Tribune: An Intriguing Venue

For this blog, I selected an article from The Players’ Tribune. The article is written by Justise Winslow, small forward for the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat, regarding his teammate Hassan Whiteside’s candidacy for the NBA’s All-Star Game.

The Players’ Tribune is a website founded by Derek Jeter, former All-Star shortstop for the New York Yankees. He created The Players’ Tribune as an outlet for players to connect directly with the public. I find this venue extremely interesting because it cuts out the middle man–the media. Members of the media and large media conglomerations alike determine much of the news and stories we read. The Players’ Tribune is unique in that it gives players a platform that they control. All pieces are written by athletes from a wide range of sports.

The piece I selected is part of a series of NBA players campaigning for other players in the league for the All-Star game. It is clear that Winslow is Whiteside’s teammate through his writing: “I’ve seen big-time dunkers hear Hassan’s footsteps and suddenly get shook, mid-air, and hit ’em with the fadeaway. I’m telling you: It’s crazy what teams are willing to do to avoid Hassan. And don’t get me wrong, I get it. I’d do it, too.” Winslow’s writing purpose is clearly influenced by his perspective as Whiteside’s teammate. His language clearly advocates for Whiteside’s spot as an All-Star and reflects his bias as a teammate.

Winslow’s bias is an absolute key component of this article as well as the forum. These two components influence the article tremendously and make it what it is–an interesting piece written by an athlete about another athlete directly to the consumer (us!).

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