To Read or Not to Read: Three Magazines I Found Interesting

For a recent assignment, my Capstone class was instructed to read 10 Magazines Every Writer Should Read and choose three that we found to be of interest. Many caught my attention while others, admittedly, were not of any interest at all. Here are the nominees for three best magazines in a unique list of ten:


The New Yorker – Every time I open a New Yorker article, I feel as though I’m in for a treat. This is not a naive reaction resulting from the magazine’s prestige, but rather a belief garnered after just about every article from the publication has impressed me with its thoroughness and obsessive attention to detail. Everything from the articles to the cartoons to the magazine cover is packed with creative, smart (the cartoon jokes are almost always over my head), interesting material.


Oxford American – Though upon clicking the link to access the website I wasn’t sure — given the publication’s emphasis on “southern” subject matter — that the magazine would appeal to me, I was quite wrong. I quickly found joy in the fact that a “music” tab is on the home page and, subsequently, that there are many articles written about music. And they’re on weird southern-y topics (like Gram Parsons!) that are rare among the other publications I tend to read. So surprisingly, I’ll be sure to follow this one going forward.


Lucky Peach – Admittedly, I hate cooking. Furthermore, I’ve never really read anything about food. What’s nice about this magazine is that none of that matters. The articles on the site seamlessly combine personal narrative with food and science, even. I was happily surprised! From a short browse on the website, I’ve already found a number of articles that I intend to read and enjoy.

One thought to “To Read or Not to Read: Three Magazines I Found Interesting”

  1. Hi Cameron!

    I enjoyed reading your nominees for the three best magazines. Although I only chose one of your top three (“Lucky Peach”), I think that your other two choices are interesting as well. Your “The New Yorker” explanation is spot on. Like you, every time I read an article I am impressed and intrigued. The cartoons are also a hilarious, but often go over my head as well.

    In terms of “Oxford American”, I was not originally drawn to the magazine, but your description makes me want to reconsider. I will have to look more into the Music section. I’m glad you liked reading articles from “Lucky Peach”! As you mentioned, “Lucky Peach” does a great job integrating personal narrative and food. You should definitely try a recipe! The worst that could happen is that it sucks…right?


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