I do not consider myself an avid reader. I don’t read books, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read magazines. As my parents would tell you, I do not read enough.

Yet, I do read enough–more than enough. I just don’t fit into the definition of avid reader that my parents, and many people of their generation, are accustomed to. See, I receive my news, my sports scores, my celebrity gossip from online sources, primarily from Twitter. I am constantly looking at the Twitter app on my phone or my computer. I follow 211 accounts on the site/app; ranging from news aggregators to sports insiders to friends even. I receive most of my news fix from Twitter.

Twitter is a venue that intrigues me and is, in fact, my greatest source of comfort reading. I recognize that Twitter is a unique choice as a source of comfort reading since it is considered a social media application as well as having a 140 character limit per tweet. Yet, I am very much a product of my generation. As a millennial who is constantly plugged in electronically, I search for constant amusement. I’m always multitasking–texting, web surfing, checking social media. Twitter is comforting and interesting to me because it is a reading source that is perfect for people like me. Twitter is updated in real time, as opposed to newspapers and magazines which are updated daily or weekly. Twitter feeds my craving for constant updates–it solves my search for news and keeps my mind away from the trenches of boredom.

Twitter’s 140 character limit keeps it sharp. People must adapt their writing style to putting in the most vital information in the fewest amount of words possible. I can read an entire story in 140 characters. I don’t have to read through piles and piles of unnecessary words to get to the core of what I want to know.

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