Why I Need Advice

I have definitely been feeling a little intimidated by everyone’s writing experience and skills. But Sonalee Joshi assured me that, “NO ONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING EITHER.” So now I feel better.

It’s nice to know that other people in my shoes were feeling apprehensive and like they had no idea how they ended up here in the first place. I like knowing that other people had my same worries at some point.

The main reason I applied to the minor was so I could take a writing class surrounded by people who actually cared about the material. In Sonalee’s post, “So You’re Doing the Minor in Writing…” she mentions this aspect of the program.

Obviously everyone has goals to improve their own writing and create amazing personal projects. But I think that a lot of us, myself included, were drawn to this program so that we could learn from talented writers and be part of engaging discussions. She says that maybe this “sounds silly,” but I didn’t think so; I related to this part of her post a lot.

In Caroline Rafferty’s post, “When I Was Your Age…” she talks about overthinking things, a habit that I haven’t seemed to have gotten rid of. She numbered her pieces of advice, which made her thoughts more organized and easy to read. It also gave her post a casual tone that made it feel as if she were just talking to me and not lecturing. She reminded me to go with my gut and trust my instincts, instead of being inside of my head too much.

Both of these posts reiterated goals that I have for myself: soak up the culture and atmosphere of a class filled with writers and leave my head once in a while. I want to focus on my improvement as a writer and not get too stressed over little things that my peers and teacher can help me improve. In short, I want to get as much as I can out of this class and not be embarrassed to share terrible writing. I want to pay attention to the process more than anything.


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