Writing Communities

I write for three different blogs on campus, and each of them has their own unique community.  Two of these blogs, in particular, have extremely different communities.  These two blogs are the Wolverine Cuizine and Misci.  The Wolverine Cuizine is a blog about food, while Misci is about Science.  Not only are they about to very different topics, but the writing process behind the articles I publish in each blog is vastly different as well.

Each semester, I produces anywhere from 2-5 articles for the Wolverine Cuizine.  We are often given themes for each article.  For example, the article I have due for next week needs to be about cheese.  Some articles I have better ideas for than other.  Personally, I am not a big fan of cheese, so I still have not come up with any ideas for my next piece (any suggestions would be much appreciated!)  The overall process of producing an article can take me as little as one day to complete.  I often come up with a food I enjoy, write about why I enjoy it, and then submit it.  Within the next day or two, I receive suggestions from the editor, usually about minor sentence structure changes to make the article flow nicer.  I can either accept or reject the editor’s suggestions, then the article is complete!  I send it back, and it gets published within the week.  I enjoy this process because it is low-stress and I get to produce many articles within the semester.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t say I am always extremely proud of these articles.  Knowing how little time and effort I put into them makes it hard to feel accomplished once they are published.

The writing process behind writing for the MiSci blog is much different.  To begin with, I am one of only a few undergrad students that write for the blog.  It was started by a few Ph.D. candidates, so the entire site is directed mainly towards grad students.  This makes it more intimidating to write articles.  Everyone comes up with their own interesting topics, and I had someone come up with a topic for me because I had no idea what to write about.  Additionally, we have to sign up for publication dates, which are three months in advance because they want us to have our articles edited at least three times.  I am in the middle of writing my first blog post for them, and the rough draft for my piece is due next Friday.  Clearly by the time I graduate I will only have one or two articles published through this blog.  However, I think that I will be very proud of the piece by the end.  I am very intimidated by the task I have ahead of me, but I know they want me to put in all of this time and research so I produce something I am very proud of.

Both of these blogs mean a lot to me.  There are pros and cons to writing for each, but what each one lacks is what the other one has to offer.  I am happy that I will have such a diverse background of writing experiences when I graduate.  And I am also happy to be part of both of these great writing communities.

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