Writing for a Music Publication

One venue I would like to work for is a music publication, such as Pitchfork. The idea of listening to music and then reviewing it is a great deal of pressure, but I’m confident I would be knowledgeable enough to write meaningful reviews that were not overly critical of musicians/artists.  Writing about music is difficult. How to articulate anything abstractly based and then putting it into prose requires thought and precise articulation.  I think this is the same as any artform.  I’d choose Pitchfork because they are not quite as prestigious as Rolling Stone, and I find myself reading their articles and reviews on a more regular basis.  Of course, I would have to move to the west coast which isn’t ideal, but it would be an invaluable experience that I couldn’t turn down.

Of course, if luck didn’t go my way, my backup writing gig would be writing about gardening.  Petunias are always hype.

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