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Hey guys,

So here’s the lowdown on the project. I am trying to create my own piece of native advertising. I am also writing my senior honors thesis on the generational perceptions of native advertising, so you could call me some what of a native ad fiend. I think it is brilliant, and I am determined to be brilliant at it.

The twist to my project is that I LOVE television. I can quote almost every episode of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I’ve dabbled in Seinfeld, King of Queens, and Will and Grace as well. But how realistic are these shows when talking about the average life of a 20-something-year-old in New York City?


So that’s my article. I am writing a journalistic piece on the average life of millennials in NYC. I want to feature several of the people I interview about their living routines and hopefully the piece will inspire people to watch more Netflix, because the lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe are a happy fantasy to live out.

I think my project says that despite how much I live in the world of TV, I am a realist. Unlike many journalists, I don’t find native advertising to be unethical, but rather a fascinating way to market. I enjoy when creativity has quantitative results, and to me, native advertising is an amazing blend of that, which is also similar to acknowledging the flaws in shows that I so dearly love.

I think this is the most important part of my identity that I want to showcase. I am professional, but a little quirky. I’ve always loved math and English, and as I mentioned above, I am the blend of both of those. I think my portfolio will be systematic, but with a little flair. It is also exemplified by my identity as a business student and a writing minor, which I think I will be able to sort out in the portfolio and might make nice designations for where to place things.

On one more note, I love puzzles. Seriously, I have 4 hanging in my apartment, but I ran out of space for more. I think it is important to remember that there is always a bigger picture, and I want to incorporate that into my portfolio as well. I might be able to make a theme out of puzzle pieces so it all fits together nicely.

In my previous “Why I Write” essay, I wrote about how I originally liked to write because I like to read. I collect first-editions of classic novels and my goal is to read through the entire Gilmore Girls Reading List (it has over 300 books on it), once again proving that my addiction to TV is real.  Another potential theme for my portfolio would be to incorporate my love of reading. I even have a puzzle hanging on my wall of book covers….SEE?!



However, I worry that I have too many different sides of my identity to incorporate into one portfolio, so I need to narrow it down based on audience. Hopefully, potentially employers can see it as a successful marriage of both media and business and understand why that’s a field I’m so interested in pursuing.

For those of you who know me (or know enough), feel free to let me know your thoughts on how I can incorporate my identity into my portfolio! Thanks!

3 thoughts to “Native Identity”

  1. Amy —

    Your fascination for puzzles is puzzling to me. I couldn’t help myself. But that is cool.

    I like where you are going with this project. I have to admit I’ve never watched any of those shows, but I hate unrealistic perceptions of NYC. As you know, I’ve spent two summers there and my bank account is non-existent because of it.

    As we talked in class, forming a puzzle like homepage is a fantastic idea. It encapsulates who you are, and would look awesome and complex, while at the same time remaining somewhat simple. I am interested to hear more about where you want to take this. We all have crazy amounts of identities, but perhaps if you focused on just a couple, that could help you out a bit more.



    PS: I see you’ve taken notice of my Twitter on my computer. I use Tweetdeck. It makes Twitter so much better.

  2. Hi Amy,

    As I’ve said before, I really love your project, especially because I am a huge fan of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, but I also find their lack of realistic NYC portrayals frustrating. I’m just curious—what are the arguments for and against native advertising? Maybe you could do a small introduction about this genre somewhere in your portfolio so that the reader knows all the pros and cons. I know you said you have a lot of different pieces of your identity, but I agree with Jason that you should incorporate the puzzle piece (get it??). It’s such a quirky interest and sets you apart from the crowd.



  3. Hey Amy,
    One thing in particular struck me about your post. You say that you really like puzzles because you think it’s important to remember that there’s always a bigger picture, which is really interesting to me. I think it would be pretty cool if you did incorporate this into your portfolio. Maybe you don’t even have to have literal puzzle pieces, although that would be pretty neat, too. This native advertising piece even seems like it’s already sort of a puzzle in that its purpose (the bigger picture) is somewhat hidden in the background.

    What kind of bigger picture would you want if you did incorporate the puzzle theme into your portfolio? Would you just want it all to come together to form a picture of you? Or maybe something different. Cool idea!


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