Successful Peer Review

I found that discussing my mock-up/storyboard and introduction with my blog group was very beneficial! For the past few weeks we had spent so much time talking about what we hoped our projects would look like and what we planned on writing, so it was nice to finally have something more concrete to discuss. Cam and Kaitlynn gave me great suggestions about my Introduction; they suggested that I use more of a future tone about graduation and make it more personal. Also, it was great hearing their input on the actual look of my article. With their suggestion, I may try and learn how to use Adobe In-Design to format my article.


After this workshop I feel more confident about my project because I have a little bit more focus and an idea of what I need to change and strengthen in my draft. However, I do still have some things that I am unsure of and will need to figure out as I go along. I am meeting with T, my mentor teacher tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to sort out some of my concerns. In terms of further research, right now I think that I need to find more models of articles that cover fashion evolutions in depth and not just through images. I also need to begin collecting data from interviews.


My next steps will be to start digging through magazine archives to try and find more text heavy model articles. I will also need to come up with a list of questions to ask my interviewees and decide on my interviewees. In terms of my timeline, I need to solidify the images I am going to use and pinpoint the exact trends that were popular during those times. I’ve got my work cut out for me…

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  1. I’m glad our suggestions were helpful! I still highly encourage you to find a format you like best when choosing which publication to have your article be in. Design plays such a big part in your piece, you don’t want to be limited. I am excited to see how you incorporate you interviews into your project. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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