A Weekend of Browsing Habits

Following the assignment to clear our recent history and see what happened over the weekend, I noted that my internet access (1) lacks variety and (2) is more boring than I thought. I don’t know if I subconsciously stayed off of my computer because of this assignment, but this weekend I spent a substantially smaller amount of time typing away on my little MacBook than per usual.

Friday: I mostly spent time on my gmail, sifting through emails and sending reminders out to my sorority to keep ordering the apparel I designed. I created a Prezi account for my Media and Globalization class, researching street art and spray can art for the presentation. After checking my homework on Canvas, doing some work on Word, as well as simultaneously iMessaging people, I looked up the Sadako menu to order dinner with my little. I hung out at her apartment and didn’t get on the internet again that night. I definitely used apps on my phone that evening though, which included Snapchat and Instagram.

Saturday: My history from today was way more extensive, which was probably due to the fact that I laid in bed for the majority of the day. I looked up how to empty cache on a computer and did it so my computer could load faster. This was primarily so I could load all the pictures I had taken on my SLR camera from the night before. Naturally, I uploaded them to Facebook and spent most of my time Saturday tagging my friends and re-stalking the photos to make sure they were properly edited. So, a lot of my search history involved stalking people on Facebook (as well as myself). I was led to a video on that my friend had posted to her wall, and from there I watched a few more stupid things on Youtube. I checked my email and found myself scrolling through a site similar to Buzzfeed that had an article about an artist who sketched book characters from their descriptions, then compared them to the actors that were cast for the movies. I also tried looking up some articles about Greek-Americans while online shopping as well. I used a Greek to English translator for some Modern Greek homework and posted something to my class’s Greek blog on Blogger. I also tried finding this Lifetime show about Charlie Manson online, but it hadn’t aired on TV yet, so I got off of my computer and watched Entourage all night with my roommates.

Sunday: I was on Prezi trying to start my Global Brands presentation while also trying to login to Word Press to write this blog post. I had forgotten my password, so I spent more time than I wanted fetching a new password. I sat in Starbucks doing some homework and checking things on Canvas, while searching for the most commonly asked interview questions online. I have a phone interview on Monday, so I have been preparing for that.

The rest of my history follows these patterns and there is little to no variation from them. Maybe if I followed my habits for more time, then there would be more to look at. As of now, this is all I got and it’s not that exciting.

2 thoughts to “A Weekend of Browsing Habits”

  1. I thought it was interesting how you brought up the amount of time that was spent on Facebook–similarly, one of the things I noticed most about my own browsing habits was that while I listed Facebook as one single site (that I admittedly visited quite often over the course of the weekend), Facebook actually took up pages of space on my own search history given that so much of my time on Facebook involved looking through my own photos and the profiles of my friends!

  2. I like who you formatted this. Very cool, I didn’t even think about trying to format it creatively at all. I found my internet history to be more boring than I thought too. I just have a few sites and stay on them for the most part.

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