Blogging About Draft

I found that talking to my blog group about my draft thus far helped with pinpointing the voice and overall language I want to incorporate into my project. When writing the draft itself, I was ‘iffy’ about how the language would work. I prefer writing in a conversational and even humorous tone, and was hoping to somehow incorporate that into my food blog as well. I found that my blog group, and further–my audience as college students, appreciated that language and informed me that it was a fun read, rather than something that went on for decades. Since there are many food blogs out there, I think that highlighting my specific purpose and targeting my particular audience through language will be an important factor–and I am glad I was able to do a language test run with my blog group.

Writing the introduction for my project definitely made everything seem more real. Yes, I’ve been thinking about the project a lot, but this was my first step and constructing something that will actually be featured within the blog itself. Since writing the introduction, I have become increasingly motivated to continuously work on the blog–even getting distracted in my other classes by playing around with format. I’m feeling excited to continuous to experiment with different layouts and designs, along with adding addition content.

At this point, the most appropriate role of further research is really design–which are my next steps as well. I’ve already found myself starting from scratch, and finding it difficult to work with pre-designed layouts on Wix, which is the site I chose to create my blog from (I’m a big team Wix advocate ever since using it for my e-port in the gateway). And so, I’ve started over, rearranged, and am ultimately trying to research what the best ways to digitally design the site as a whole. Looking at other models along with experimenting with different designs has helped aid the technical process as whole, which I plan to continue.

As for my introduction itself, I think it was helpful to narrow down the language with my blog group and see what works and what doesn’t. Originally, I was a bit confused with the assignment because I wasn’t sure if this introduction was for the class or for our audience, so I attempted to address both. My next steps with cleaning this up will be eliminating the class components and addressing the audience more widely.



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