Capstone Project Progress

Some things are just never as easy as they look, and I suppose this project is no exception. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m really excited about the prospect of what this all could turn out to be – but it just seems like every time I blink there’s a new caveat or confounding variable that this project must incorporate. Much like life itself, this project seems to be in a state of constant change.

When I started out thinking about a project idea, I immediately sought something that I thought would interest me. I thought about science, sports, and a whole host of different ideas. But for whatever reason music stuck with me – “How cool would it be to create some of my own music?”, I thought. It seemed like the perfect idea, and certainly one I could get excited about. The only problem with creating music, however, is that it’s certainly not a unique medium or process. So with this in mind, I decidedly had to figure out a way to add nuance to this idea.

After talking with Raymond, I decided that my creation of music should be placed into a working context with perhaps a little more perspective. How do musicians who can read music differ from people like myself who cannot? How do their creative processes and final musical products differ? And where does my attempt at creating music fit in? All of these questions gave me a necessary twist to an otherwise oft frequented creative medium.

I was really excited to have all this in place Рit just seemed like a really great jumping point for the rest of the project. But again, just like my preliminary idea, things are just never that simple. While much of this sounds great in theory, the implementation of a project such as this is much more daunting. What exactly does this project look like applied in practice? How can I effectively tie together recorded audio and text in a presentable fashion? As I wrote my proposal, these were lingering thoughts that bothered me because quite frankly, I have no idea what the answer is to any of them.

At any rate, this project has gone from “let’s make music, that should be interesting” to “let’s make music while simultaneously analyzing and researching musicians from all different kinds of musical backgrounds to see how their creative processes differ.” Needless to say, things have become far more complicated. In a way though, I think I’m completely ok with that. Having this kind of twist on the project will make it far more unique and far less predictable. I’m truly excited to see where this all goes, because I honestly don’t even have an idea of where it’s going to start.

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