Capstone Project: What am I confident/worried about moving forward?

What I feel confident about: I am actually feeling fairly confident (at least compared to what I typically feel regarding this project) upon the completion of my Production Plan.  So I am feeling confident that I will be able to stay on schedule, task, etc. and that I will not fall behind. I also finally feel confident in my subject.  It has been a long road of indecisiveness, and it is funny because I basically ended up where I started, but I feel confident in what I am researching and how I am choosing to research it – but I also feel confident in the fact that I will be able to adjust my production plan as things change throughout the remainder of the semester.

What I feel nervous about: I guess what I feel most nervous about is finding the right interviewees to interview.  Hypothetically I could continue interviewing people until I find a myriad of perspectives on my topic, but I think we all know that this project takes up enough time (and we have plenty of other things taking up other time) – I would prefer to hold interviews with a select few only, but I understand that may not be a possibility. I also am nervous about the use of media in my project. I am mainly apprehensive for two reasons: 1) I have never been much of photographer, to be quite honest, even in my group of friends, I does not take the pictures, so it should be interesting and exciting, yet still a lot of hard work trying to learn enough about photography in such a short time period, 2) I am nervous a section of my project will end up looking too much like Humans of New York. I originally got the idea from that blog/Instagram, but obviously want the end product to be vastly different. I see that being an issue I continue to think about throughout the project and handle as the production of the website gets closer.

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  1. Mollie-

    Our projects are shaping up to be a little similar which is so funny because when I originally heard your topic, I didn’t think they would be! I was also inspired by Humans of New York, although mainly by PostSecret in my case, and I am also nervous that my project will look a lot like a bad imitation. Picking people to interview can definitely be scary, but I’d encourage you to try to interview strangers. I know it might seem scary, but trying to find people that you think “fit the bill” might be really challenging. I have a similar issue, because I am interviewing people about secrets and I just am hoping that they’ll have something interesting to share. What I plan to do, and what you might want to consider, is having a few “gateway” questions. This way, the people you start to interview will still feel useful, but you won’t waste too much time getting to know them unnecessarily. As for photography, let me know if you want any help! I love taking photos and plan to take some for my project, as well.

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