Capstone Project – What I Need the Most Help With

After completing my production plan I have realized that I have left myself a very small window of time to gather musical equipment and recording software. Although I’ve used recording equipment before, I had guidance and I wasn’t required to rent everything. While I’m confident in my ability to learn how to use these devices, I am NOT confident in my ability to locate any to rent or borrow. So if anyone has any idea where to rent musical equipment please let me know.

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  1. Hey Miles,

    I’ve had some good luck checking stuff out from the Music Library. You can also get in touch with the PAT engineers in the SMTD, they may have more info. Try contacting Jason Corey, the Department Head. Here’s a link to the faculty listing:

    Also, the Duderstadt Center recording studios may have equipment for rent. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but it is worth asking! I’ve only ever used the studios to record with ensembles, and in those contexts a sound engineer ran the sessions, so I don’t have much firsthand experience with their gear (though I do with plenty of my own gear).

    I hope some of this helps! If you don;t get a response from the PAT faculty quickly enough, let me know. I have a close friend in the department that may be of some help too.


  2. Hey Miles,

    Like Evan said, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to PAT and SMTD faculty. As far as the recording studios at the dude, I have used them before but I had to take a short course and get certified first. If you want a faster option, I would attend a digital media commons orientation. That way you can use the recording booths to get your audio tracks and the multimedia workrooms for editing. They’re not as fancy, but they get the job done! Also if you do this, you don’t have to worry about getting your own software since the multimedia workrooms offer logic pro. Just make sure to bring a flash drive to save your material since anything saved to the computers will be erased.

    Hope this helps!

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