Election Season

Other than your expected Facebook stalking and Good Wife marathons on Comcast Xfinity, my internet browsing took an interesting turn. As a die hard political junkie, I spent a lot of my weekend reading (pointless) articles about the ongoing Presidential election.

Since we’re right at the start of the primaries there are still tons of candidates left in the race to over-analyze! There was also a debate over the weekend so there were tons of opinions to read.

The three main websites that I visit for political news are Huffington Post, Politico and Roll Call. However, if I want a feature article about the life of a candidate or something really elaborate about them, I go to the New Yorker. Unfortunately the amount of free articles you can read on their website is limited so I have to choose wisely.

I knew how often I went to news websites but I guess I never truly realized how little other websites I go to. Sorry for the lack of variety!!

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