Evolution of Project II

After finally settling on a topic that I was excited about, I figured that I would be “over the hump” and onto more easy and more fun tasks.

I was wrong.

I am still excited about my idea, and I am making progress, but slowly. Over the weekend, I worked on background research to form a basis for my project. I found information about what our society values and am planning to use that to better define what “good” means in respect to the what students feel is the “right” path of study (i.e. degrees in business or going pre-med). I also found statistics illustrating that a lot of students are studying things they do not want to be studying. The trends that have encouraged this (beyond our cultural values) have been poor economic conditions and a soft job market.

All of this has helped me to formulate interview questions. Originally I wanted to do many interviews for kids, college students, and adults, but at this point I am thinking quality over quantity is more important – I do not want my article to turn into a collection of quotes. So I am going to need to make sure that I carefully select interviewees.

I am having a hard time pulling all of my ideas for my project together into a unified idea that “feels right.” I am hoping that once I have had more time to dedicate to the project (probably over break), I can pull everything together.

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